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Each and every day, the Ingress community is mobilizing. From XM Anomaly Events to Cross Faction Meetups to monthly First Saturday events - Ingress is happening all around you.

XM Anomaly

Ingress XM Anomaly Events - FREE events you can join to play Ingress and meet other players. These events are for Ingress players of ALL levels and last approximately 4-5 hours including 3-4 hours of walking/biking gameplay and in some cities a social meetup at the end. Faction specific groups sometimes plan pre-event get togethers and after-parties.

8.26.17 Nantes, France 13MAGNUS Reawakens More Info
8.26.17 Basel, Switzerland 13MAGNUS Reawakens More Info
8.26.17 Szczecin, Poland 13MAGNUS Reawakens More Info
8.26.17 Brisbane, Australia 13MAGNUS Reawakens More Info
8.26.17 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia 13MAGNUS Reawakens More Info
8.26.17 Macau, China 13MAGNUS Reawakens More Info
8.26.17 Ann Arbor, MI 13MAGNUS Reawakens More Info
8.26.17 Nashville, TN 13MAGNUS Reawakens More Info
8.26.17 Portland, OR 13MAGNUS Reawakens More Info
9.23.17 Stockholm, Sweden 13MAGNUS Reawakens More Info
9.23.17 Ljubljana, Slovenia 13MAGNUS Reawakens More Info
9.23.17 Turin, Italy 13MAGNUS Reawakens More Info
9.23.17 Seoul, Korea 13MAGNUS Reawakens More Info
9.23.17 Galle, Sri Lanka 13MAGNUS Reawakens More Info
9.23.17 Bali, Indonesia 13MAGNUS Reawakens More Info
9.23.17 Washington D.C., USA 13MAGNUS Reawakens More Info
9.23.17 Belo Horizonte, Brazil 13MAGNUS Reawakens More Info
9.23.17 Kansas City, MO, USA 13MAGNUS Reawakens More Info

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Ingress Magnus events are a new type of Ingress event, leveraging agents' creativity, technical skills and sense of discovery and adventure.


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Mission Day

Mission Days bring together Agents from both factions to explore cities around the world through the lens of Ingress with unique and local adventures on foot. Be sure and check the event pages often for updates and locations!

8.5.2017Jinan, Shandong, China More Info
8.6.2017Cali, Colombia More Info
8.12.2017Manila, The Philippines More Info
8.19.2017Mérida, Yucatán, Mexico More Info
8.27.2017Basel, Switzerland More Info
8.27.2017Nantes, France More Info
8.27.2017Szczecin, Poland More Info
8.27.2017Petaling Jaya, Malaysia More Info
8.27.2017Macau, China More Info
8.27.2017Ann Arbor, Michigan More Info
8.27.2017Nashville, Tennessee More Info
8.27.2017Brisbane, Australia More Info
9.2.2017Lüneburg, Germany More Info
9.9.2017Christchurch, New Zealand More Info
9.9.2017Düsseldorf, Germany More Info
9.16.2017Kharkiv, Ukraine More Info
9.24.2017Ljubljana, Slovenia More Info
9.24.2017Stockholm, Sweden More Info
9.24.2017Ambalangoda, Sri Lanka More Info
9.24.2017Turin, Italy More Info
9.30.2017Tbilisi, Georgia More Info
10.1.2017Hannover, Germany More Info
10.8.2017Beirut, Lebanon More Info
10.14.2017Burgos, Spain More Info
10.21.2017Leipzig, Germany More Info

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NL1331 + Mission Day

Join NL1331 at these special Mission Days!

8.5.2017Boulder, COBoulder Bandshell in Central ParkMore Info
8.12.2017Irvine, CaBill Barber Memorial ParkMore Info
8.27.2017Portland, ORSW Park BlocksMore Info

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Operation Clear Field

A service-themed scavenger hunt with competitive Ingress gameplay at thousands of landmarks and parks nationwide.

7.28.2017Tacoma, WashingtonOP Clear FieldGORUCKMore Info
7.28.2017Columbia, South CarolinaOP Clear FieldGORUCKMore Info
7.29.2017Seattle, WashingtonOP Clear FieldGORUCKMore Info
7.30.2017Bellevue, WashingtonOP Clear FieldGORUCKMore Info
8.4.2017Savannah, GeorgiaOP Clear FieldGORUCKMore Info
8.4.2017Green Bay, WisconsinOP Clear FieldGORUCKMore Info
8.4.2017Colorado Springs, ColoradoOP Clear FieldGORUCKMore Info
8.5.2017Savannah, GeorgiaOP Clear FieldGORUCKMore Info
8.5.2017Milwaukee, WisconsinOP Clear FieldGORUCKMore Info
8.6.2017Madison, WisconsinOP Clear FieldGORUCKMore Info
8.6.2017Fernandina Beach, FloridaOP Clear FieldGORUCKMore Info
8.6.2017Denver, ColoradoOP Clear FieldGORUCKMore Info
8.11.2017Santa Monica, CaliforniaOP Clear FieldGORUCKMore Info
8.11.2017Jacksonville, FloridaOP Clear FieldGORUCKMore Info
8.11.2017Ann Arbor, MichiganOP Clear FieldGORUCKMore Info
8.12.2017Jacksonville Beach, FloridaOP Clear FieldGORUCKMore Info
8.12.2017Detroit, MichiganOP Clear FieldGORUCKMore Info
8.13.2017St. Augustine, FloridaOP Clear FieldGORUCKMore Info
8.13.2017Hollywood, CaliforniaOP Clear FieldGORUCKMore Info
8.13.2017Grand Rapids, MichiganOP Clear FieldGORUCKMore Info
8.18.2017Tempe, ArizonaOP Clear FieldGORUCKMore Info
8.18.2017Fort Lauderdale, FloridaOP Clear FieldGORUCKMore Info
8.18.2017Columbus, OhioOP Clear FieldGORUCKMore Info
8.19.2017South Beach, Miami, FloridaOP Clear FieldGORUCKMore Info
8.19.2017Phoenix, ArizonaOP Clear FieldGORUCKMore Info
8.19.2017Cincinnati, OhioOP Clear FieldGORUCKMore Info
8.20.2017Scottsdale, ArizonaOP Clear FieldGORUCKMore Info
8.20.2017Miami, FloridaOP Clear FieldGORUCKMore Info
8.20.2017Dayton, OhioOP Clear FieldGORUCKMore Info
8.25.2017Salem, OregonOP Clear FieldGORUCKMore Info
8.25.2017New Orleans, LouisianaOP Clear FieldGORUCKMore Info
8.25.2017Clearwater, FloridaOP Clear FieldGORUCKMore Info
8.26.2017Tampa, FloridaOP Clear FieldGORUCKMore Info
8.26.2017New Orleans, LouisianaOP Clear FieldGORUCKMore Info
8.27.2017St. Petersburg, FloridaOP Clear FieldGORUCKMore Info
8.27.2017Baton Rouge, LouisianaOP Clear FieldGORUCKMore Info

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Ingress FS

#IngressFS: Ingress: First Saturdays are part social, part competitive. Once a month, First Saturdays are a get together of the local Ingress family, new and old, to level up new recruits, make new friends, and strengthen Cross-Faction relations.


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#NL1331 - the Ingress mobile community center - attend a FREE meetup in your area. These meetups are usually held at a restaurant or bar and last 1-2 hours. They are open to players of ALL levels.


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