Rare Kinetic Capsule is replacing the Quantum Capsule

Visur: Rare Kinetic Capsule

Since the launch of the Rare Kinetic Capsule, we have detected a new bonding between Agents’ XM Sensitivity and their health that did not exist with the Quantum Capsule – the only other type of XM-Construct-creating Capsule.

The NIA has therefore decided to replace each Quantum Capsule in the XM Network with one Rare Capsule and one Rare Kinetic Capsule within the coming weeks. The contents of any existing Quantum Capsules will be moved to the Rare Capsule.

The Quantum Capsule will no longer be hackable from the XM Network. For existing single-redemption passcodes that included a Quantum Capsule, it will now return a Rare Kinetic Capsule going forward. For existing multi-redemption passcodes that include a Quantum Capsule, it will now return a Rare Capsule.

The Rare Kinetic Capsule will also be available via the in-app Ingress Store at 2,000 CMU.

NIA is working on making new Kinetic Capsule Programs available in the Scanner. Ideas under consideration include refining Portal Mods into Resonator or XMPs, and Portal Keys to Portal Keys.

Share with us via the Ingress Community Forum any new Kinetic Programs or Kinetic Capsule features that you would like to see.

Agent, it’s time to move.

— The Ingress Team

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