New Item: Rare Kinetic Capsule

Visur: Rare Kinetic Capsule

A Kinetic Capsule is a unique type of Capsule that refines items through a combination of XM, Materials (items), and kinetic energy charged by walking a predetermined distance. Agents can channel kinetic energy to their Kinetic Capsule even without the Ingress Scanner open, thanks to Adventure Sync.

Since the introduction of Common Kinetic Capsule, Agents have been able to craft or refine Very Rare XM Constructs and thereby enhance the XM Network and support the research around it. Visur Technology, Inc. has recently received a blueprint from an anonymous Researcher for a Rare Kinetic Capsule.

Unlike the existing Common Kinetic Capsule, this Rare variant can be obtained through Portal or Drone hacks, but is less stable and is destroyed after 3 uses:

  1. While the Common Kinetic Capsule requires Access Level 4 to claim, the Rare Kinetic Capsule will be hackable from the Portal Network by Agents of any Access Level.
  2. While only one Common Kinetic Capsule can be activated at a time, up to 7 total Kinetic Capsule Programs can be activated in parallel, across both Common and Rare Kinetic Capsules.
  3. In Visur laboratory, Rare Kinetic Capsules will meltdown after 3 cycles of Kinetic Program conversions.

The NIA has decided to incorporate this blueprint to the Ingress Scanner by September to facilitate Agents in crafting Very Rare XM Constructs. To assist Agents in studying the behavior of Rare Kinetic Capsules, the NIA will reactivate the ADA Refactor, Jarvis Virus, and L8 Resonator Kinetic Programs.

Report sightings of the Rare Kinetic Capsule on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook with the hashtags #Ingress #RareKineticCapsule. Share with us via the Ingress Community Forum any new Kinetic Programs or Kinetic Capsule features that you would like to see.

Agent, it’s time to move.

— The Ingress Team

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