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Kythera - Phase 3

In Kythera Phases 1 and 2, Agents successfully decoded messages from K leading to “K, Lima, U, Echo”—Klue—and a slow-scan TV transmission encoded using the PD-290 mode. Because of limitations with PD-290, the photo behind the passcode was extremely difficult to make out. With 31 percent confidence, it appears the photo transmission is that of Klue. Which Klue has not been determined at this time.

From the Niantic Project Archives, Dr. Kureze is quoted:

One way to think of it is to imagine a single pixel on your television. On one channel, it’s part of a baseball whizzing towards the screen… On another channel it’s the nose of a talking head being interviewed. On yet another channel it’s within the gun of a soon-to-be killer. And imagine, as is true, that all of those channels are running simultaneously, but you are only watching one. Our perception is the dimensions we are tuned into. But that pixel, in theory, is on all of the other channels at the same time. We just can’t see it. And it is potentially in everything you could possibly view, so that pixel is in all video entertainment everywhere.

We live in a world in which every movie, television show, sports event — everything that ever appeared on the Infosphere is running at the same time, both in picture and audio. We would be watching everything and nothing at once. It would be maximum darkness or brightness or just voidness mixed with a cacophony so thickly layered that it would be perfect silence.

It would be both the universe and the void.

Except, we are given a channel to watch. Except, here and there, pixels from another channel bleed in. Renegade pixels. Imagine that the show you weren’t watching was, piece-by-piece, trying to break into the show you are watching.

We now believe that if the Shards of the Kythera Mechanism are successfully reassembled, then it can be used to “change the channel.”

During the Kythera Anomaly Series, we expect to see 100 Impact Zones destabilized each phase. Any given location may or may not be targeted in more than one phase. In June, NIA Researchers managed to redirect part of the disturbance to 10 chosen Impact Zones. They are:

  • Sydney, NSW, Australia
  • Ueda, Nagano, Japan
    • ENL applicant @rei0000
    • RES applicant @zhouzou
  • New Delhi, India
    • ENL applicant @Indrajeet18 (Telegram ID: @ IndrajeetRay18)
    • RES applicant @MightyXAVIER
  • Heraklion, Greece
    • ENL applicant @ippalectrion
    • RES applicant @repamekala
  • Manresa, Spain
    • ENL applicant @MestreCeremonia
    • RES applicant @Johannesburg5
  • Centurion, South Africa
    • ENL applicant @DarkwingZA
    • RES applicant @Azhreia
  • Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
    • ENL applicant @Valor002
    • RES applicant @PaperCutComa
  • Chicago, IL, USA
    • ENL applicant @DisasterTiki
    • RES applicant @FourSwordsLink
  • Piura, Peru
    • ENL applicant @SrAlbert19
    • RES applicant @Yuraq01
  • Riverside, CA, USA
    • ENL applicant @Teamfrag
    • RES applicant @minusfive

Kythera Phase 3 is expected to occur from Friday, 24 Jun 2022 1100 UTC to Monday, 27 Jun 2022 1100 UTC (72 hours), and reach its maxima on Saturday 25 June.

NIASection14 has ornamented some of the Portals at Kythera Phase 3 Impact Zones. NIASection14 will deploy Rare Battle Beacons on Saturday, 25 June on Kythera-targeted Portals between 1430 and 1730 local time. The NIA strongly advises Agents to take control of these Kythera targets for K’s investigation.

Additionally, the residue energy will condense into a number of Artifacts, called Shards, in the 10 chosen Impact Zones on Saturday, 25 June between 1430 and 1730 local time. The NIA will deploy Faction-specific safekeep for these Shards (a.k.a. Target Portals). Bring these Artifacts to the Target Portals for further investigation.

The NIA also urges Agents to deploy Rare or Very Rare Battle Beacons on Portals they believe will disturb Kythera during the Phase 3 event window from 24-27 June. Trust your instincts. There are no coincidences. Nothing happens unless someone wills it to happen.

Good luck.

NIA Procedure

  • Some Portals at each Impact Zone will be ornamented from shortly after this COMM until 24 June 1100 UTC. The ornaments will look like this: Portal with BB Ornament
  • From 14:30 to 17:30 local time, NIASection14 will deploy Rare Battle Beacons on targeted Portals. They will become visible via Scanner starting at 14:30 local time for the first checkpoint to begin at 14:40.
  • There will be at least one break within the 3-hour period.
  • It is possible for a given Portal to be deployed with a Rare Battle Beacon by NIASection14 more than once within the 3-hour period.

For the 10 chosen Impact Zones,

  • On 14:30, 2x ENL Target Portals will manifest
  • On 14:30, 2x RES Target Portals will manifest
  • On 14:40, 13x Shards will manifest
  • Starting 14:50, all manifested Shards will begin moving along L4 or higher Links approximately every 10 minutes
  • The last Shard Movement will be approximately 17:20
  • On 17:30, all Target Portals will close

Shard Behavior Patterns

  • Shards will look like this: Shard
  • Enlightened Target Portals will look like this: [pending]
  • Resistance Target Portals will look like this: [pending]
  • Both the Shards and the Target Portals will manifest within the identified Anomaly Impact Zones, however, Shards will be able to transit along Links to Portals both inside and outside any Impact Zone.
  • In the event that a Shard fails to travel along a connected Link in 25 minutes, it may randomly teleport to a nearby Portal at the following Movement window if no viable Link is present.
  • The Shards will be able to travel along any combination of Portal Links, traveling along one Link per Movement window, however, Shards will not backtrack to any Portal they were present on within the previous 25 minutes. If multiple viable Links exist, a Shard may travel on any one of those Links. If multiple Shards are present on a Portal, they may each jump along different Links.
  • If a Shard movement is found to have been the result of actions by a rogue Agent, NIA operators may cause that XM Shard to return to a previous known location.


The final Kythera score for each Faction will be the total Kythera score across 3 phases earned by the respective Faction.

For each phase, Factions may earn 13 points from each of the 100 Impact Zones based on NIA-deployed Rare Battle Beacon outcome. Each set of 13 points is to be distributed to the two Factions according to the ratio of weighted Battle Beacon Point Values. Each Battle Beacon will be weighted based on the Battle Category, which is based on offensive or defensive actions on the underlying Portals. From CAT-I to CAT-VI, the weighted values are 1-2-3-6-7-8 respectively.

*For example, if a given Battle Beacon Score is Checkpoint 1: ENL 2; Checkpoint 2: RES 3; Checkpoint 3: ENL 4, and Battle CAT-V, then the Enlightened earns 42 points (67) and the Resistance earns 21 (37).

Further to this example, if the aforementioned Battle Beacon is the only NIA-deployed Battle Beacon in a given Impact Zone, then the Enlightened scores 9 out of 13 and the Resistance earns 4 out of 13 at this Impact Zone.*

In Kythera Phase 2 and 3, Factions may earn an additional 13 points from each of the 10 chosen Impact Zones by bringing Shards to Target Portals of their alignment. These 10 Impact Zones were selected from all applications received via this form: Each of these 10 Impact Zones will be worth a total of 26 points - 13 points from NIA-deployed Rare Battle Beacons and 13 points from Shards reaching Target Portals.

Agent-deployed Rare or Very Rare Battle Beacons for each phase is worth a total of 260 points globally, to be distributed to the two Factions according to the ratio of weighted Battle Beacon Point Values they earned from Agent-deployed Battle Beacons between 24 June 2022 1100 UTC and Monday, 27 June 2022 1100 UTC.

Rare Battle Beacons triggered by the AR Scan Meter at the top of the first hour of Septicycle 2022.25 (Sunday, 26 June 1900-1910 UTC) will be scored as Agent-deployed Battle Beacons regardless of whether the deployer name is shown as NIASection14.

For example, if all Agent-deployed Battle Beacons during the said period sum up to ENL 305,752 vs 317,323 RES, the actual point distribution will be ENL 128:132 RES.

Results Announcements

Interim global results for each Faction will be announced periodically through in-app News Feed and

The final score for Phase 3 will be announced within 24 hours through in-app News Feed and

Kythera Medal

Any Agent who has interacted with at least ten (10) Battle Beacons scored at any of the three Kythera Phases will be awarded the in-app Kythera medal. This medal will be awarded as soon as an Agent meets such criteria. Agents who have already been awarded the in-app Kythera medal in an earlier event phase will not receive a second medal in a later phase.

For example, if an Agent interacted with 3 Battle Beacons deployed by XM Sensitive Agents during Phase 3 and interacted with 7 NIA-deployed Battle Beacons during Phase 3, they will receive the Kythera Medal by the end of Phase 3.

To assist Agents, the Kythera Anomaly metric will remain on your Agent Profile for the duration of the Kythera Anomaly Series to help you monitor your individual progress.

Also available during the season of Kythera in the Ingress Store:

  • Limited-time Klue load-out kit with re-release of the 2015 Klue medal (30800 CMU) Character: Klue 2015 medal

As always, please remember to be aware of your surroundings. We encourage players to follow local health and safety guidelines when playing Ingress (such as wearing masks and maintaining at least six feet/two meters of distance from other people). For the latest on in-game events and feature updates, be sure to check COMM > NEWS.

— The Ingress Team