Introducing “Ingress2x2” and “Restocking Weekend”


We are excited to announce two new event types, Ingress2x2 and Restocking Weekend, both with the intention to help Agents prepare for upcoming challenges and battles, and help new recruits level up with others.

With an Ingress2x2, Agents get a 2x AP bonus during the 2-hour period specified in their local timezone. By using Apex during Ingress2x2, an Agent can get effectively 4x AP during the event window. Whether you are new to the Ingress world or a veteran Agent just recursed, Ingress2x2 helps you get ready for any challenge or battle ahead.

During a Restocking Weekend, a Hack output bonus will be in effect for 72 hours that cover both Saturday and Sunday regardless of timezone. The Hack output bonus may apply to a different selection of item types for a given Restocking Weekend event, and will be announced in advance. Restocking Weekends will not only help Agents in preparing their inventory for various occasions, but is also an opportune time to build or upgrade Portal Farms with your Faction.

Mark your calendars for a first taste of these events:

  • Friday 15 July 1600 UTC to Monday 18 July 1600 UTC (72 hours) - First Restocking Weekend
    • 2x Hack output of Portal Mods and Ultra Strikes
    • Each Agent able to deploy up to 4 Mods per Portal
  • Sunday 17 July 1400 local time to 1600 local time (2 hours) - First Ingress2x2
  • Friday 19 August 1600 UTC to Monday 22 August 1600 UTC (72 hours) - Restocking Weekend
    • 2x Hack output of Resonators and XMP Bursters
  • Saturday 20 August 1400 local time to 1600 local time (2 hours) - Ingress2x2

Also available during the Ingress2x2 period in the Ingress Store:

  • Ingress2x2 Bundle VR (10,000 CMU; for Agents with more than 40 million All Time AP)
    • 2 Apex; 2 Very Rare Battle Beacon
  • Ingress2x2 Bundle R (7,500 CMU)
    • 2 Apex; 2 Rare Battle Beacon

There is currently no plan to implement a Restocking Weekend nor Ingress2x2 in September 2022, and no plan to attach any medal to these two event types. Nevertheless, we will monitor Agent sentiment and activities to adjust the cadence and bonus offered at these two event types. After August, we may also experiment scheduling Restocking Weekends to different weekends in a month, and Ingress2x2 to different days of week. We look forward to receiving your feedback and suggestions through the Ingress Community Forum.

As always, please remember to be aware of your surroundings. We encourage players to follow local health and safety guidelines when playing Ingress (such as wearing masks and maintaining at least six feet/two meters of distance from other people). For the latest on in-game events and feature updates, be sure to check COMM > NEWS.

— The Ingress Team

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