Winding Down Niantic Social’s Closed Beta—and What Comes Next

Niantic Campfire logo

Greetings Agents,

As you may have heard, Niantic Social is now Campfire!

Campfire will continue to be available within Ingress, and coming soon, you will be able to download the Campfire standalone app. We want to thank you all for your help in Campfire’s open beta period. There will be a few changes that are coming over the next few days.

  • We will be temporarily disabling the ability to create new communities within Campfire.
  • We will be removing inactive Campfire communities by Jun 23, 2022.
  • All active Ingress communities will remain on Campfire and owners/admins will still have complete control over the Community.
  • Your Campfire map will not display Ingress communities or events for the time being.
  • We are temporarily removing regional chat.
  • For Agents that participated in the standalone closed beta—thank you! We will be sunsetting beta access to Campfire, but all of your feedback and contribution has helped us get here today.
  • Everything else on Campfire should remain the same as you know it!

Lastly, we will be introducing a Choose Your Own Adventure experience in the near future, led by K… Stay tuned for further information and instructions on Campfire.

The Campfire Team

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