C.O.R.E. Subscription Price Change

We plan to increase the C.O.R.E. subscription monthly price to $7.99 (USD or equivalent) starting Monday, August 28, 2023 so that we can help to cover our growing costs to run Ingress.

Active subscribers whose renewal dates happen on or after Mon Aug 28 will renew at the updated price going forward. Subscribers can cancel their next subscription renewal at any time. Renewals that happen prior to Mon Aug 28 are not affected and will be billed at their original price.

Why is the price changing?

C.O.R.E. has remained at the same price since 2021 and our LA Studio’s recent restructuring, global inflation, and other economic changes have all influenced our decision. (This does not include any mandatory increases by the app stores, which are out of our control).

New rewards breakdown

C.O.R.E. will now provide a 4X value for its $7.99 (USD or equivalent) monthly price, with a 4X increase in CMU rewards from 2,500 to 10,000 CMU. The total rewards breakdown will be:

  • 10,000 CMU
  • +500 inventory capacity
  • Monthly Loadout Kit, currently featuring:
    • 2 Rare Kinetic Capsules
    • 2 Apex
    • 10 Hypercubes
    • 20 XMPs
    • 20 Resonators
    • 1 ITO EN (+)
    • 1 ITO EN (-)
    • 1 SoftBank Ultra Link
    • 1 Very Rare Battle Beacon (if recursed)
  • Subscriber Medal
  • Codename Flair

Updated Mon Jul 31: Please note that this change will go live for existing C.O.R.E. subscribers’ renewals starting Mon Aug 28; however, new subscribers will now subscribe at the $7.99 (USD or equivalent) monthly price, with the updated 4X subscription rewards including 10,000 per month CMU grant.

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