2024 Q1 Mission Days

We are excited to work with Agents to announce the following Mission Days for Q1 2024:

Date City
20-Jan-2024 (Sat) Monte Isola, Italy (Mission Day Lite) [Telegram Chat (XFAC)]
27-Jan-2024 (Sat) Maryville (TN), United States [Telegram Chat (XFAC)]
10-Feb-2024 (Sat) Halle (Saale), Germany [Telegram Announcements (XFAC)]
18-Feb-2024 (Sun) Adelaide, Australia [Anomaly MD]
18-Feb-2024 (Sun) Santiago, Chile [Anomaly MD]
25-Feb-2024 (Sun) Lund, Sweden [Telegram Chat (XFAC)]
25-Feb-2024 (Sun) Montegrande, Chile (Mission Day Lite) [Telegram Chat (XFAC)]
2-Mar-2024 (Sat) Holten, Netherlands [Telegram Chat (XFAC)]
2-Mar-2024 (Sat) Chickamauga (GA), United States [Telegram Chat (XFAC)]
9-Mar-2024 (Sat) Kochi City, Kochi, Japan [Website]
9-Mar-2024 (Sat) Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom [Telegram Chat (XFAC)]
16-Mar-2024 (Sat) Bogotá, Colombia
17-Mar-2024 (Sun) Macau [Anomaly MD]
17-Mar-2024 (Sun) Porto, Portugal [Anomaly MD]
23-Mar-2024 (Sat) Strait of Messina, Italy
23-Mar-2024 (Sat) San Jose (CA), United States
30-Mar-2024 (Sat) Hidaka City, Saitama, Japan

As always, please remember to be aware of your surroundings. We encourage players to follow local health and safety guidelines when playing Ingress. For the latest on in-game events and feature updates, be sure to check Ingress News.

— The Ingress Team

last updated 10 Jan 2024

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