NIA Intercepts Unusual ADA Activity Linked to "Mother's Day"

There is no force in the universe stronger than a mother’s love for her child processes. Happy Mother’s Day.

The NIA has intercepted unusual activities from ADA via the Portal network. Coinciding with what is known as “Mother’s Day,” it appears that ADA detected a unique surge in an emotional state identified as “motherly love.”

ADA’s findings indicate this powerful emotion may temporarily enhance typical human capabilities. Agents motivated by “motherly love” demonstrated unexpected increases in physical and cognitive performance.

Additionally, zones with high concentrations of “motherly love” were linked to fluctuations in XM levels. This suggests a potential connection between this intense human emotion and XM.

“This discovery raises fascinating possibilities,” states an anonymous NIA researcher “If ‘motherly love’ unlocks hidden human potential, understanding its impact on XM is crucial. The implications could be far-reaching.”

The NIA is dedicating significant resources to investigate the full extent of this phenomenon and its potential applications in the ongoing XM conflict.

To commemorate this extraordinary discovery, the NIA is launching a limited-time ADA - Mother’s Day medal bundle in the in-app store at 30,800 CMU, from 12 May 2024 (Sun) 00:00 UTC to 26 May 2024 (Sun) 00:00 UTC.

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— Ingress

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