Introducing Daily Research Bounties


The NIA initialized a new program offering Research Bounties, allowing Agents to complete Bounties and claim rewards. The program is in a pilot phase and will distribute a set of four (4) Daily Research Bounties to each Agent at the beginning of each day. Your Scanner will receive the set at midnight, and you will have 24 hours to complete the Bounties before they expire and are replaced by a new set.

Upon execution and completion of the Bounty’s task, its rewards may be claimed in the Bounties Section of the Ingress Scanner (accessible from the map view or main menu). Agents will be asked to perform various Scanner actions across these Bounties in order to further XM research.

In addition to the rewards acquired through completing individual Bounties, Bonus AP rewards may be earned by claiming two (2) and four (4) Research Bounties within 24 hours. These rewards must similarly be claimed before the timer expires, and a new set of Bounties is added.

Further, two new metrics monitoring your engagement with the Bounty Program have been added to your Agent Profile: Research Bounties Completed and Research Days Completed.

We are aware of rumors circulating that the Bounty Program is a method for private XM corporations — including IQTech Research, Hulong Transglobal, and Visur Technology — to crowdsource XM research to Ingress Agents. The NIA denies these rumors and can assure you that they are complete fiction.

Remain vigilant. In your pursuits of XM research and missions, compliance with local health and security regulations is essential.

For ongoing updates on Ingress, refer to our official communication channel routinely. Stay alert, stay ready.

— Ingress

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