Cryptic Memories: Global Op



An approaching XM operation of profound significance has been detected.

Some details of this operation have been marked for disclosure – others remain classified, for now.

From Friday, 12 January 2024, 17:00 UTC to Monday, 5 February 2024, 17:00 UTC a new Events metric - Cryptic Memories Global Op - will become visible in Scanners under the ‘All Time’ tab.

Agents may increment this metric during the Operation Window (the times listed above) by performing one of the following actions:

  • Destroying a Resonator: 1 point
  • Deploying a Resonator: 2 points
  • Upgrading a Resonator deployed by another Agent: 2 points

A 2-tiered medal will be rewarded to Agents who reach the following thresholds:

  • Tier 1 (Bronze): 1,500 points
  • Tier 2 (Silver): 15,000 points

Participating in this Operation alone will not earn Agents the Cryptic Memory Anomaly medal.

The Faction with the greater number of Agents achieving Bronze or Silver tiers of the medal will earn a point-based advantage in the Cryptic Memory Anomaly Series, which runs from January through March 2024.

Two subsequent disclosures will take place:

In approximately one week from the time of this disclosure, visual analysis of the Cryptic Memories Global Op medal will be made public.

In approximately two weeks from the time of this disclosure, additional intel related to the Cryptic Memories Anomaly Series, including additional information about the point-based advantage of the Cryptic Memories Global Op and all other supporting operations will be made public.

Agents, your engagement guides our tactical approach. Remain vigilant, and maintain strict compliance with local health and security regulations while performing any Scanner related activities. Stay alert and ready.

For ongoing updates to Ingress field activities and strategic initiatives, refer to the official communication channel.

— The Ingress Team

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