Unveiling the Evolution of “OPR Live”: recognition of excelling in Wayfarer Challenges


In 2018, the inception of the “OPR Live” medal marked a pivotal moment for passionate individuals like yourself, driven by the desire to actively contribute to the intricate task of constructing a sophisticated real-world map. Two key objectives were set in motion - (1) expediting Wayspot edits and appeals and (2) providing a direct line for Agents to have their Wayfarer queries addressed by the Wayfarer team. Throughout the years, the Wayfarer team has tirelessly worked to deliver these two objectives through more consistent and scalable ways. The time is ripe for a change in Ingress’ “OPR Live” initiative.

New “OPR Live” Initiative
Agents achieving the top Individual Tier of selected Wayfarer’s community challenges will now be granted an increment to their “OPR Live” medal count, coupled with additional rewards. Please note that the Wayfarer challenges selected will be limited to not more than one per quarter, ensuring a strategic and measured progression and that challenges granting the “OPR Live” medal reward will be clearly marked as such. Not all Wayfarer challenges will reward “OPR Live” medal credit.

Qualified Wayfarer community challenges will be announced via Ingress intelligence channel Ingress News as well as be labeled as part of Wayfarer’s rewards announcement.

The original Operation Recon program remains an integral part of our investigations. Its execution will be timed for maximum impact. Agents are urged to stay vigilant and tuned in for forthcoming directives.

Agents must maintain consistency in credential usage across Wayfarer and their Ingress Scanner to ensure the seamless reflection of their medal count status.

Inaugural Challenge

The first challenge of this new era is currently scheduled to transpire from December 13, 2023, to December 20, 2023, details to be announced via the Wayfarer Community.

Agents, your input and recommendations have been invaluable and continue to shape our strategies.

Remain vigilant at all times. When engaging in XM investigations and operations, adherence to local health and security protocols is imperative.

For current intelligence on Ingress field activities and operational enhancements, consult Ingress News regularly. Stay informed, stay prepared.

— Ingress

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