2022 Q4 Mission Days

Hello Agents,

We are excited to announce the following Mission Days are up and coming in Q4 2022:

Date City
2-Oct-2022 (Sun) Evanston, IL, US [Learn More]
8-Oct-2022 (Sat) BGC, Taguig, Philippines [Learn More]
9-Oct-2022 (Sun) Songpa, Seoul, South Korea [Learn More]
9-Oct-2022 (Sun) Budapest, Hungary [Learn More]
9-Oct-2022 (Sun) Pretoria, Tshwane, South Africa [Learn More]
9-Oct-2022 (Sun) Ottawa, ON, Canada [Learn More]
9-Oct-2022 (Sun) Portland, OR, United States [Learn More]
15-Oct-2022 (Sat) Astana, Kazakhstan [Learn More]
15-Oct-2022 (Sat) Klaipėda, Lithuania
16-Oct-2022 (Sun) Waukesha, WI, United States [Learn More]
16-Oct-2022 (Sun) Victoria, BC, Canada
22-Oct-2022 (Sat) Vipava, Slovenia (Mission Day Lite)
22-Oct-2022 (Sat) Las Vegas, NV, United States
22-Oct-2022 (Sat) Edmonton, AB, Canada
22-Oct-2022 (Sat) Champaign-Urbana, IL, United States
23-Oct-2022 (Sun) Valencia, Spain
29-Oct-2022 (Sat) Naha, Okinawa, Japan
29-Oct-2022 (Sat) Portoviejo, Ecuador
29-Oct-2022 (Sat) Minneapolis, MN, United States
29-Oct-2022 (Sat) Toluca, Mexico
30-Oct-2022 (Sun) Malmö, Sweden
5-Nov-2022 (Sat) Boise, ID, United States
6-Nov-2022 (Sun) Milton Keynes, United Kingdom
6-Nov-2022 (Sun) Tampa, FL, United States
13-Nov-2022 (Sun) Hamura, Japan
13-Nov-2022 (Sun) Stolpersteine (Distributed), Germany
13-Nov-2022 (Sun) Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil
19-Nov-2022 (Sat) Gdańsk, Poland
19-Nov-2022 (Sat) Gibraltar, Gibraltar
19-Nov-2022 (Sat) Mendoza, Argentina
20-Nov-2022 (Sun) Yokkaichi, Japan
20-Nov-2022 (Sun) La Serena, Chile
26-Nov-2022 (Sat) San Pedro Sula, Honduras
4-Dec-2022 (Sun) Klang, Malaysia
4-Dec-2022 (Sun) Leeds, United Kingdom
4-Dec-2022 (Sun) Columbus, OH, United States
11-Dec-2022 (Sun) Gilbert, AZ, United States
18-Dec-2022 (Sun) Lahti, Finland

Note: Additional MDs may be added as they are confirmed.
For example, a Mission Day for the Los Angeles Anomaly will happen the weekend of 12 November but the day is not yet confirmed.

2022 Mission Day applications are now closed.
Stay tuned for Mission Day 2023 announcement soon!

last updated 28 Sept 2022