2022 Q4 Mission Days

Hello Agents,

We are excited to announce the following Mission Days are up and coming in Q4 2022:

Date City
2-Oct-2022 (Sun) Evanston, IL, United States [Learn More]
8-Oct-2022 (Sat) BGC, Taguig, Philippines [Learn More]
9-Oct-2022 (Sun) Songpa, Seoul, South Korea [Learn More]
9-Oct-2022 (Sun) Budapest, Hungary [Learn More]
9-Oct-2022 (Sun) Pretoria, Tshwane, South Africa [Learn More]
9-Oct-2022 (Sun) Ottawa, ON, Canada [Learn More]
9-Oct-2022 (Sun) Portland, OR, United States [Learn More]
15-Oct-2022 (Sat) Astana, Kazakhstan [Learn More]
15-Oct-2022 (Sat) Klaipėda, Lithuania [Learn More]
16-Oct-2022 (Sun) Waukesha, WI, United States [Learn More]
16-Oct-2022 (Sun) Victoria, BC, Canada [Learn More]
22-Oct-2022 (Sat) Vipava, Slovenia (Mission Day Lite) [Learn More]
22-Oct-2022 (Sat) Las Vegas, NV, United States [Learn More]
22-Oct-2022 (Sat) Edmonton, AB, Canada [Learn More]
22-Oct-2022 (Sat) Champaign-Urbana, IL, United States [Learn More]
23-Oct-2022 (Sun) Valencia, Spain [Learn More]
29-Oct-2022 (Sat) Naha, Okinawa, Japan
29-Oct-2022 (Sat) Portoviejo, Ecuador [Learn More]
29-Oct-2022 (Sat) Minneapolis, MN, United States [Learn More]
29-Oct-2022 (Sat) Toluca, Mexico [Learn More]
30-Oct-2022 (Sun) Malmö, Sweden [Learn More]
5-Nov-2022 (Sat) Boise, ID, United States [Learn More]
6-Nov-2022 (Sun) Milton Keynes, United Kingdom [Learn More]
6-Nov-2022 (Sun) Tampa, FL, United States [Learn More]
13-Nov-2022 (Sun) Hamura, Japan [Learn More]
13-Nov-2022 (Sun) Stolpersteine (Distributed), Germany [Learn More]
13-Nov-2022 (Sun) Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil [Learn More]
13-Nov-2022 (Sun) Los Angeles, CA, United States [Learn More]
19-Nov-2022 (Sat) Gdańsk, Poland [Learn More]
19-Nov-2022 (Sat) Gibraltar, Gibraltar [Learn More]
19-Nov-2022 (Sat) Mendoza, Argentina
20-Nov-2022 (Sun) Yokkaichi, Japan [Learn More]
20-Nov-2022 (Sun) La Serena, Chile [Learn More]
26-Nov-2022 (Sat) San Pedro Sula, Honduras [Learn More]
4-Dec-2022 (Sun) Klang, Malaysia
4-Dec-2022 (Sun) Leeds, United Kingdom
4-Dec-2022 (Sun) Columbus, OH, United States
11-Dec-2022 (Sun) Gilbert, AZ, United States
18-Dec-2022 (Sun) Lahti, Finland

Note: Additional MDs may be added as they are confirmed.

2022 Mission Day applications are now closed.
Stay tuned for Mission Day 2023 announcement soon!

last updated 24 November 2022