Ingress 2.102.2 Release Notes

Bug fixes and other improvements

  • (Updated 2022-10-20) Fixed: Fixed an issue causing slower than normal login, and for some players, a blank Map screen.
  • Fixed: We removed the black ring at the map tile edge and now show the raw map tile edge instead. The same number of map tiles load as did previously, but the base map color has been brightened and support for bodies of water was added.
  • Fixed: Friendly Portals no longer attack same-Faction Agents.
  • Fixed: When a Program wasn’t running, Common and Rare Kinetic Capsules were grouped together in the Inventory carousel.
  • Fixed: Rare Kinetic Capsules in the C.O.R.E. Loadout were reset to max 3 uses.
  • Fixed: Some Agents who were near the 40km daily distance limit reported issues with distance tracking, which should now be fixed.

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