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Narrative Management
You familiar with the term 'Spin Doctor?'

Well, the NIA has elevated it to a whole new art form. They call it 'Narrative Management' and Kendra Owens (long time political operative) is their razor-sharp weapon.

Remember Epiphany Night? AKA the Niantic Calamity? It had consequences. Congressional subcommittee kinds of consequences. Ordinarily, that kind of scrutiny would paralyze a project, especially one as dark and dangerous as Niantic.

But not when Kendra Owens and Zeke Calvin have their way. Any obstacle that appears before them, they glide over like its a gentle gust of air.

These are seasoned operators. And we need to understand their methods if we're going to stop them. So read between the lines. Ask yourself: How did the puppetmasters pull the strings we can't see here?