Intel Ops: Taoyuan

Taoyuan, Taiwan

Language 活動語言

This event will be conducted in spoken and written Chinese. 活動使用繁體中文及華語。

Team Registration 隊伍登記

Please register your team at this form. Agents without a team may not receive the Intel OPS medal. 請在此表格登記隊伍。不屬於任何隊伍的特工將不會獲得 Intel OPS 獎章。

Photo Album 活動相冊

Ticket Options

A ticket is required in order to receive a medal for the event. See instructions for acquiring a ticket in-app. 請在Ingress偵測器中報名參加。

Intel Ops

  • 潛行,偵查,解謎 ... 使出所有特工本領完成行動目標,以取得 Intel OPS 獎章。

Schedule 時程

Friday 星期五

5:30pm - 6:00pm 下午五時半至六時
Meet up with Intel Ops Handlers 集合點名
6:00pm 下午六時
Mission Briefing Video Release 聽取情報
6:00pm - 9:00pm 下午六時至九時
Intel Ops challenges 行動展開
9:00pm 晚上九時
Reconvene for Mission Debriefing 行動結束,登記結果

Information Distribution 任務詳情

Ticketholders should show up at the start in order to receive instructions and meet their handlers. 已報名特工請準時在起點集合,聽取情報。

Faction Coordination 陣營協力

In Intel Ops, you will benefit by coordinating with your faction. To connect up with your Faction organization and find a team, visit the Enlightened or Resistance community pages. If you want to connect up with your faction leadership, you can find your faction points of contact and city signup links here. 在 Intel OPS 中與陣營協力或會有意想不到的效果!

Get Tickets

Remember to sign up in advance to get your event ticket! 請在Ingress偵測器中報名參加。