Intel Ops: Sacramento

Sacramento, CA, USA

Ticket Options

A ticket is required in order to receive a medal for the event. See instructions for acquiring a ticket in-app.

Intel Ops

  • Engage in an espionage and surveillance mission that tests all your agent skills. Teams of agents will sneak, spy, and solve. In-app Intel Ops medal will be awarded to all participants.



5:30pm - 6:00pm
Meet up with Faction Intel Ops Handlers
Mission Briefing Video Release
6:00pm - 9:00pm
Intel Ops missions
Reconvene for Mission Debriefing

Information Distribution

Ticketholders will be emailed before the event with information on how to receive instructions, but should show up at the start in order to connect with their handlers.

Faction Coordination

In Intel Ops, you will benefit by coordinating with your faction. To connect up with your Faction organization and find a team, visit the Enlightened or Resistance community pages. If you want to connect up with your faction leadership, you can find your faction points of contact and city signup links here.

Get Tickets

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